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Over the last few years I’ve embraced the idea of ‘mobile working’, so I tend to move around quite a bit based on the activities I’m undertaking and the goals I’m working towards.

This year (2017) I’m working much more from my Sydney home base and not travelling nearly as frequently as I have been in previous years (goodbye platinum frequent flyer card).

Based in Barangaroo I have a 12 month gig seconded into a project called #LearningBank – An amazingly exciting project bringing corporate learning into the digital era, LearningBank is a collaborative and social learning environment enabling people to to lead and direct their own professional and professional development by providing access to learning content anywhere, anytime, on any device. Neat huh?

When I’m not there, I’m supporting Vinh Van Lam in the ArtSHINE industries enterprise incorporating CoSydney CoWorking + Project Space.

This also affords me to opportunity consume copious amounts of coffee in our CoffeeHouse, and enjoy regular Sunday lunches as part of ArtSHINE Gallery’s ‘Long Lunch’ Series with our exhibiting artists.

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Would love to hear more about what you’re doing, and what’s currently occupying your attentions.
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