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  • CEO and Cofounder
    CoSydney CoWorking + Project Space
    So much more than just coworking spaces, shared office spaces, managed offices, or hot desks, CoSydney CoWorking + Project Space is located right in the heart of the City of Sydney’s Chippendale Creative Precinct. We’re working to identify, fund, advance, and accelerate commercially minded and innovative Creative Industries Professionals.
  • Cofounder
    ArtSHINE industries
    Australia’s independent Creative Industries Launch Pad and Commercial Accelerator for Creative Industries Professionals. ArtSHINE incorporates CoSydney CoWorking, ArtSHINE Gallery, ArtSHINE Agency + Retail Showcase, and the ArtSHINE CoffeeHouse.


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Portfolio Life

These are some of the things currently occupying my attentions in some way or another:
New ways of working
WorkSmart; agile spaces in corporate working environments.
CoSydney CoWorking; cooperative and collaborative work spaces.
Learning design and delivery
LearningBank; bringing workplace learning into the digital era.
The creative industries
ArtSHINE, identifying, funding, advancing, and accelerating commercially minded and innovative creative industries professionals.
Progressive politics in Australia
Issues and policy development.
Sydney villages and local community economic development
The Chippendale Creative Precinct.
Chippendale Business Association.
Airbnb and collaborative consumption
Vinh Van Lam & Stuart Horrex – Airbnb hosts.
Queer Sydney – Airbnb community group.

About Stuart

Stuart is on a dynamic and inspiring mission to accelerate the success of commercially minded Creative Entrepreneurs and Australia’s Creative Economies.

Alongside Vinh Van Lam, Stuart owns and operates CoSydney CoWorking + Project Space which,  though its association with ArtSHINE industries and Quantum Compass, identifies, funds, advances, and accelerates commercially minded and innovative Creative Industries Professionals.

As a manager at the Eastern Suburbs Business Enterprise Centre Stuart provided mentoring, business advisory, accredited training, and networking opportunities to both new-start and established small business owners, and Stuart has mentored 100s of new start entrepreneurs via the Australian Federal Government’s New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS).

Working alongside pioneering Social Entrepreneur & WorkVentures CEO Steve Lawrence, Stuart provided advice, project management, & analysis on a range of social enterprise projects championed by WorkVentures.

Stuart has been a mentor for Young Achievers Australia, Australian Business Women’s Network, Australian Social Innovation Exchange, and Australia’s School for Social Entrepreneurs; most recently with the SSE & BT Social Entrepreneur Incubator program organised by the School for Social Entrepreneurs Australia.

As an ex bank manager currently working in financial services as a Learning & Development Facilitator across the nation with one of the world’s leading financial institutions, Stuart has a deep personal interest in coworking & collaborative communities, small business, social enterprise and innovation, 1st world micro-finance, P2P lending & lending circles, crowd funding, and impact investing.

As one of Australia’s leading Airbnb hosts, Stuart is a actively engaged in understanding how new technologies are challenging traditional market behaviours & service offerings.

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Stuart’s Blog

Meet the family

My fiancé and I have been together for over 20 years. In the ultimate expression of modern romance we amended our Facebook status to ‘engaged’ one day about 5 years ago. Why? It was becoming increasingly awkward to explain our situation, and our relationship, in hetro-normative terms. Today, when I say I’m engaged the first …

It’s time to review Australia’s gun control laws

Stuart Horrex in Online Opinion Over the last days and weeks we’ve seen and heard much angst from both ministers and back-benchers in the Abbott Government about terrorism, freedom of speech, and the freedom to cause offence. We’re now seeing a concerted effort by the Abbott Government to use events including the Sydney siege, and …

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Over the last few years I’ve embraced the idea of ‘mobile working’, so I tend to move around quite a bit based on the activities I’m undertaking and the goals I’m working towards.

This year (2017) I’m working much more from my Sydney home base and not travelling nearly as frequently as I have been in previous years (goodbye platinum frequent flyer card).

Based in Barangaroo I have a 12 month gig seconded into a project called #LearningBank – An amazingly exciting project bringing corporate learning into the digital era, LearningBank is a collaborative and social learning environment enabling people to to lead and direct their own professional and professional development by providing access to learning content anywhere, anytime, on any device. Neat huh?

When I’m not there, I’m supporting Vinh Van Lam in the ArtSHINE industries enterprise incorporating CoSydney CoWorking + Project Space.

This also affords me to opportunity consume copious amounts of coffee in our CoffeeHouse, and enjoy regular Sunday lunches as part of ArtSHINE Gallery’s ‘Long Lunch’ Series with our exhibiting artists.

What to chat?
Would love to hear more about what you’re doing, and what’s currently occupying your attentions.
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